Hair loss is one of the most common hair problems in both men and women worldwide. Concerns over hair loss’s appearance can be attributed to various factors, some of which vary from person to person. Hormonal fluctuations, poor nutrition, heredity, lack of vitamins or minerals, chemical exposure, problems with hair development, drug side effects, stress, and skin conditions all play a role. A healthy person could lose anywhere from 100 to 150 strands daily, but if you notice a significant increase in this rate, it could be a sign of a more severe problem.

There are three distinct phases in the growth of a single hair. The terms “growth phase,” “resting phase,” and “shedding phase” all refer to these stages. It is assumed that new hair would grow after shedding, as the typical hair strand lives between four and six years. Androgenetic alopecia is the gradual decline in hair density and thickness that results from a lack of new hair follicles. Possible treatment options for this form of baldness include hair transplantation. Not all hair loss cases may be attributed to androgenetic alopecia, thus it’s important to remember that physicians will offer therapy based on the specific cause.

Istanbul is one of the finest places to go if you have been diagnosed with androgenetic alopecia and have been assured that a hair transplant will restore your entire head of hair. Because of its convenient location and well-developed transportation network, Istanbul is a good choice for those who need a hair transplant but who also want to combine their procedure with a short vacation. How much money would you need to have on hand if you don’t currently reside in Istanbul but wish to have your hair transplant performed there?

How Much Does a Hair Transplantation Operation Cost in Istanbul?
The cost of a hair transplant in Istanbul is not the only thing you’ll need to budget for if you’re planning on traveling from out of the country to have one. There are also the costs of getting there and back, as well as lodging, food, and entertainment.

Hair Transplant Surgery Cost
Hair transplant surgery costs can differ based on various factors, including the patient’s hair density, chosen hair transplant technique, the number of sessions required, the surgeon’s skill and reputation, and the clinic’s standard. Since this is the case, it may be impossible to estimate costs without first consulting a medical professional. To further understand what goes into the final price, let’s take a look at a few different factors:

Hair Transplant Methods
Hair transplantation techniques vary depending on the underlying cause of baldness. One of the most popular methods, FUE requires meticulous attention to each hair follicle. That is to say, the surgeon implants each follicle of hair into the bare spots. Since there are no incisions made using FUE, no sutures are necessary.

When performing the more sophisticated FUE Sapphire procedure, surgeons employ between 0.8 and 1.5 mm in thickness of sapphire blades. Hair transplant procedures that use such fine blades have less blood loss and scarring that is less likely to be cosmetically displeasing. While doing so, this strategy may show a greater density of hair in the region.

Another popular choice for hair transplants at DHI. Similar to FUE, the hair follicles are
removed from the donor area and implanted individually into the recipient area on the scalp. The DHI procedure differs from the FUE method because the implantation is done with an implant device rather than by cutting a hole in the scalp.

Your doctor should help you determine which of these options is best for you. The final price tag is up to you, as it depends on your approach.

Number of Sessions
Sometimes more than one treatment is required to finish a hair transplant. One might expect to see more sessions overall, but especially if the planting area is substantial. If, for instance, just 50- 60% of the scalp needs to be transplanted, the process can be finished in two sessions. The number of treatments may need to be increased if the balding region is more significant. The expense to you will rise proportionally. You now know that it is impossible to have a second hair transplant procedure so soon after the first. Between forty days and six months should elapse between sessions.

Professional Experience and Clinical Quality
While hair transplantation is considered to be done primarily for cosmetic reasons, it can have serious consequences for your health. Therefore, to protect your health and get the best possible outcomes from the hair transplant process, you should ensure the treatment is performed in a clean environment by a competent team overseen by a board-certified doctor specializing in the field. Whether or not the clinic you choose offers these extras will also impact how much money you spend. Here, you should pay closer attention to the fantastic extra services ESTEFIRST offers.

Cost of Transportation to Istanbul
Naturally, the first line item on your hair transplant cost estimate will be the cost of getting to Istanbul. If you’re planning a trip to Istanbul from another country, you should consider the distance between your home country and Turkey as well as the mode of transportation you choose. You may now take advantage of the counseling service that ESTEFIRST will offer you. By carefully organizing your trip to Istanbul for a hair transplant, you can increase your chances of a successful and stress-free procedure.

Local Transportation Cost
If you’re flying into Istanbul, you may make use of airline shuttles or public transportation options including buses, subways, and minibuses to get to your hotel or the hospital. The immensity of Istanbul implies that you may need more than one mode of transportation to go where you need to go. You may need to switch to a different car in this scenario. You may avoid the transfer by using a taxi.

Using public transportation without making transfers might cost you around 20 TL daily. Note that the hop-on hop-off cost for Istanbul is 40 TL, and that the base rate per kilometer begins at 6.30 TL. With these rates in hand, you can figure out how much it will cost to go from your hotel to the hair transplant clinic, considering the distance between the two and the kind of transportation you prefer.

Renting a car as a means of transportation is another option. There may be a daily fee of 400-500 TL for renting a car in the middle range of the market. However, if you plan on renting high-end automobiles, you need to set up at least 5,000 TL every day for transportation costs. Let’s additionally assume that automobile rental agencies require deposits and that the listed rates are subject to change.

Accommodation Cost
The cost of accommodation is likely the second highest after the procedure itself. Hotel rates in Istanbul are typically priced according to the amenities offered and the area in which the hotel is situated. You may spend roughly a thousand TL each night in a moderately priced hotel. A night at a luxury hotel might cost anywhere from 2000 to 15000 TL, depending on the season.

Individual Expenditures
In addition to the above, it is also crucial that you set aside money for things like food, drink, transportation, and retail therapy. As a result, you may take advantage of being in Istanbul, a city that attracts millions of visitors each year, while you are there for your surgery. After determining the length of your vacation and the restaurants and natural or historical attractions you wish to see, you will be able to determine the amount of money you should set aside for your own spending.

ESTEFIRST is Here to Help If You’d Rather Not Get Bogged Down in the Particulars!
No need to panic if the thought of arranging everything from lodging to transportation to pre-and post-operative care overwhelms you. At Estefirst Hair Transplant Clinic, we carefully map each step, offering competitive rates and excellent service.

All your travel preparations will be done in advance by us. At the Istanbul airport, you will be met by a vehicle the clinic has arranged for you. That way, you may go to your hotel or clinic in the most convenient way possible, depending on the state of your appointment. If you want a quiet, relaxing stay, your consultant can choose the best luxury hotel for you based on its location. Throughout the whole hair transplant procedure, from the first consultation to the final styling, our expert staff is here to help. We keep tabs on you after therapy ends and ensure all your inquiries are answered.

We encourage you to use the “Contact Us” tab to get in touch with us if you’re interested in hair transplantation with the backing of Estefirst. Check out the “Get A Quote” area of our homepage for an estimate of the total cost of your care. Filling out the form with your name, last name, phone number, and email address will allow you to get pricing details and responses to your inquiries.

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