Beard is very important for men. It gives a handsome contour to face, emphasizes masculine characteristics and helps to cover unfortunate areas on chins or cheeks. With Estefirst, you have the chance to change your appearance with beard transplantation according to your demands.

Beard Transplantation at Estefirst

To have a pleasant and painless process, the relevant area of face is locally anesthetized before hair transplantation. First, after hair is extracted, hair follicles are brought to the laboratory for processing them. There, they are prepared with a nutrient solution so that they can be then transplanted on beard. The duration of each treatment may be different. It depends on how large the balding area is on the beard. Beard transplantation is usually completed within a few hours.

Results can be clearly observed after a few months with significantly-higher beard density. The technique used by Estefirst is quick, easy and substantially painless.

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