1. WHAT IS HAIR TRANSPLANTATION? Hair loss is very common around the world and may occur in both men and women. Hair transplantation may be identified as a permanent solution for hair loss. Hair transplantation surgery may be defined as a micro surgery executed in a hospital setting. In hair transplantation, the term ‘microsurgery’ refers to an operation that completes hair transplantation with very little medical intervention. Hair transplantation surgery is an efficient and permanent solution for the people with hair loss, known medically as “androgenetic alopecia”. In addition, the people with scars or hair loss due to other hair diseases may easily get this operation done. Hair transplantation is the most modern way of generating natural results and hair growth for lifetime. It uses the FUT and FUE methods to extract hairs from the overgrown areas on the back of the head, examine possible damages and then transplant these hairs into the bald areas that have been prepared as grafts (follicular units). The difference between the two methods is that the entire follicles are extracted in the FUT method, while individual follicles are extracted in the FUE method.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Method

Estefirst is specialized in individual hair treatment. During this treatment, our hair surgeons extract individual follicular units, examine hair follicles for possible damages and transplant

only the fully-functional follicles to the scalp one by one. There is no incision and therefore, no stitches are required. It is possible to add as many grafts as possible in a single session.

FUE Sapphire Method

The characteristic of the FUE Sapphire method is the opening of the channels. Unlike the conventional FUE method, highly-advanced sapphire blades are used. Sapphire is a hard mineral particularly used to make filigree blades. Transplantation done with sapphire reveals the narrow channels in the scalp when grafts are implanted through the innovative V-shaped incision. This creates narrower channels, which reduces the risk of injury. Sapphire FUE hair transplantation is very popular among patients because of its perfect growth of more than 90 percent.


The Sapphire method is the further developed version of the well-known FUE method. Its difference than Sapphire FUE is the sapphire blades used to open the channels. Sapphire is an extremely hard mineral used to make filigree blades. The dimensions of these blades range from 0.8 to 1.5 mm. The specific size of the sapphire needle is adjusted according to the individual structure of the hair of the relevant patient. If you have decided to get hair transplantation, this innovative method offers you several advantages. By using this method, less bleeding occurs because the channels can be adjusted thinner.

In Sapphire FUE hair transplantation method, the risk of major secondary bleeding is significantly reduced, so hair transplantation using the Sapphire method is much gentler for the patient. With the use of new sapphire blades, crust formation is reduced, thus efficiently preventing the risk of infection.

Many people suffer from hair loss and desire to find an efficient solution for the problem. A possible solution here is a successful hair transplantation. Sapphire FUE hair transplantation method also has advantages in terms of cosmetics.

This type of hair transplantation does not only prevent unaesthetic scars, but also ensures a fine-tuned hair transplantation thanks to the exact settlement of the channels. From cosmetic point of view, this is very positive because the grafts retain their original growth direction after hair transplantation and do not fall out. Another advantage is that the density of the hair transplanted by using sapphire blades is higher.


DHI method is a modern technique used in hair transplantation for voluminous hair. DHI hair transplantation is a channel opening process. During this medical procedure, like in common hair transplantation methods, hair follicles are extracted from a pre-determined location in the body and then transplanted into balding areas. The difference between the methods is how grafts are placed in the target area. In FUE hair transplantation method, grafts are transplanted into the scalp manually by using tweezers.

A specially-developed implant device is used in DHI hair transplantation: With this method, called Choi Implanter Pen, extracted hair follicles are placed directly into DHI hair transplantation without need to prepare a hole for transplantation in the skin in advance.

DHI hair transplantation (Direct Hair Implantation) is an efficient procedure to achieve voluminous and thick hair in case of hair loss. Maximum hair growth and hair density are achieved with DHI hair transplantation method. Therefore, DHI hair transplantation is a first class and ideal use for obtaining voluminous and thick hair.


Beard is very important for men. It gives a handsome contour to face, emphasizes masculine characteristics and helps to cover unfortunate areas on chins or cheeks. With Estefirst, you have the chance to change your appearance with beard transplantation according to your demands.

Beard Transplantation at Estefirst

To have a pleasant and painless process, the relevant area of face is locally anesthetized before hair transplantation. First, after hair is extracted, hair follicles are brought to the laboratory for processing them. There, they are prepared with a nutrient solution so that they can be then transplanted on beard. The duration of each treatment may be different. It depends on how large the balding area is on the beard. Beard transplantation is usually completed within a few hours.

Results can be clearly observed after a few months with significantly-higher beard density. The technique used by Estefirst is quick, easy and substantially painless.


Hair loss caused by hormones, pregnancy, childbirth, vitamin deficiency and even birth control pills weakens women’s hair. The issue of hair loss is also important for women.

Most of the time, a high forehead is uncomfortable and annoying. Therefore, increasingly higher number of women choose to do a hair transplantation.

Do you want to have voluminous hair and are you feeling uncomfortable with your high forehead and thinning hair? We will be happy to advise you and restore your self-confidence. We will individually discuss with you about the suitable hair transplantation and treatment for you.


Are you experiencing hair loss on your eyebrows or eyelashes? Eyebrows are not only for beauty, but also play an important physical role. Along with eyelashes, fine hairs protect eyes against foreign objects and dirt particles, and keep sweat and moisture out of eyes. Single grafts extracted by using the Fue method are used in eyelash and eyebrow transplantation. Double and triple grafts are separated and converted into single grafts. Neck area is selected as donor area. With eyebrow transplantation, 200 to 600 follicles

are sufficient for a single eyebrow depending on the gap in the eyebrow. The post-treatment process is same as hair transplantation.

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